In Series Two of On The Road, Tim starts his cross-country adventure in Alberquerque, New Mexico where of course he gets his priorities right and goes straight for a local diner to sample the local speciality — green chili cheese fries. He then heads for Pyro Pete’s legendary workshop to meet the world’s most celebrated pyrotechnician of all time. This man has set things on fire for ACDC, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Rolling Stones and many more and has even blown his own face off in the name of rock.

In episode two of the new series of On The Road, Tim heads for Stillwater, Oklahoma to meet officially the world’s oldest roadie. Ben Dorcy III is 86 years old and is a country music legend, having worked with the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline. He also still gets a lot of chicks.

In the third episode with Tim Harrington at the helm, the On The Road van reaches Austin, Texas and in particular a psychedelic music family camped out in a disused power plant. Psychfest curator and headliners The Black Angels explain how and why them and some friends playing music in a bar turned into a movement.

New Orleans is the destination for episode 4 of OTR series two as Tim meets legendary metal roadie Steve J at his new home, the House of Shock. Having worked with bands like Pantera and Black Sabbath, Steve still spends time on the road but his priority now is running the most pant-shittingly scary haunted house in the world.

Tim reaches Nashville: Music City and before checking out the local kids putting on rock shows in their houses and swinging by Jack White’s Third Man Records emporium, he meets probably the most famous roadie of all time. Phil Kaufman aka The Mangler worked with The Rolling Stones and Frank Zappa, hung out with Charles Manson and then most famously stole Gram Parsons corpse, drove it to Joshua Tree and set it on fire. They even made a film out of his story and Johnny Knoxville played him.

In the final episode of the series, Tim drives to Omaha to catch up with the proverbial road-dogs The Black Lips then heads for Richmond, Virginia to investigate the mythical Slave Pit. The home of intergalactic humanoid barbarian metal band Gwar, the Pit is where their slaves spend months preparing their elaborate stage show.